Raw Potato Juice–The Seavenger of Coronavirus

Raw Potato Juice–The Seavenger of Coronavirus

【 Sino-Us Innovation Times】Pingfei Guan, a Chinese medicine doctor in Connecticut , USA, as early as in the early stage of the outbreak of new coronavirus pheumonia COVID-19, on February 3, through the exclusive report of this newspaper “Sino-Us Innovation Times”, he gave the ancestral recipe of Artemisia Annua and Verbena, in order to use it to prevent and treat new coronavirus pneumonia, which caused a strong response from readers around the world.

It is worth mentaining that Artemisia Annua and Verbena have been included in the treatment plan for new coronavirus pneumonia ( trial sixth and seventh editions ) released by the National Health Commission of China on Feb. 18, 2020.

Zhang Boli, President of Tainjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told the media on March 15 that Verbena has a special efficacy in treating the ne coronavirus in Wuhan.

Recently, in view of the current situation of how to avoid the patient’s disease recurrence, mild disease to severe transformation, as well as the rapid spread of the epidemic to many countries, Dr. Guan offered his another party. Based on decades of medical experience and years of practice of squeezing juice to cure diseases, he proposed to take raw potato juice series to prevent and treat new coronavirus pneumonia, and gave the method a high evaluation, said the juice is the scavenger of coronavirus.

What is needed for the juice?


Any kind of juicer, including juice and dregs can be separated, juice and dregs mixed. Of course, the best choice of juice and dregs can be separated, because the juice is very pure, easy to be absorbed immediately. Juicers are sold in many stores.

2.Some fruits and vegetables

Potato, onions, lemon, apple, carrot, bitter melon, orange, macaque peach, radish, pear and celery, etc.. They are available in stores everywhere.

Note: these fruits and vegetables must be fresh. Decayed, discolored, or stored too long can not be used for juicing. Potatos can be selected in any color, but those that have sprouted must not be used for juicing.

What fruits and vegetables do different symptoms need to choose for juicing?

1.If you just want to prevent virus infection, you can just use the potato for juice. Of course, if you want to increase nutrition and improve taste at the same time, you can add apples, carrots and others you like;

2.If you want to increase the killing of the virus, to play a stronger preventive effect, or, you have been suspected or confirmed to be infected, want to kill the virus in the body as soon as possible, you can choose: potato, onions, lemen and bitter melon. If you can’t buy bitter melon, do not use it. Of course, you can also add something you like;

3.If you have a fever, cough, can choose: potato, onions, lemon, bitter melon, orange(with skin), pear, and white radish;

4.If you feel dry month and throat dry, fever, etc., can choose: potato, macaque peach, bitter melon and pear;

5.If you have chest tightness, bloating and stomach upset, can choose: potato, lemon, orange(with skin) and radish;

6.If you have difficulty breathing, the options are: potato, onions, lemon, orange(with skin) and radish;

7.If you have a dry stool, urine impassability, fever, etc., can choose: potato, macaque peach, bitter melon and white radish;

8.If you have insomnia, tension, depression, etc., can choose: potato, bitter melon, macaque peach, pear and radish;

9.If you feel pain all over the body, joint pain, can choose: potato, lemon, celery and orange(with skin).

Juice Method:

1.Clean the prepared fruits and vegetables and juicer with water;

2.Cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces;

3.Put small pieces of fruits and vegetables into a juicer to make juice. There is no need to add water to the juicer which can separated the juice and dregs. To use a juicer that is not separated you need to add some water.

How and how much to take?

1.Use to prevent:  One small coffee cup for adults, half for children, twice a day;

2.Suspected cases:  One medium coffee cup for adults, half for children, three times a day;

3.For confirmed cases:   One medium coffee cup for adults, half for children, every five hours.


1.Every time must be freshly squeezed juice to drink, can not be stored for the next day to drink.

2. If choose only potato for juicing, the need for fresh potato to be enough, in order to press out a cap of juice. If you choose to use a mixture of potatoes and other fruits and vegetables for juicing, each adult can use a third of a pond of fresh potatoes at a time for the pressed juice, half as much as for children and the weak, and how much other fruits and vegetables are needed depends on how many people in the family need to squeeze how many caps of juice.

How does raw potato juice work against new coronavirus pneumonia?

Dr. Guan says that based on his years of practice and research, raw potato juice has the following effects, but efficacy 2 and 3 are not available in other medicines and methods:

1. Kill:  Raw potato, onions, lemon and bitter melon, have a certain role in killing bacteria and virus.

2. Cleaning:   Raw potato juice for the digestive tract, respiratory tract, urinary tract and blood circulation and other  pipeline system wall and material has a strong cleaning effect;

3.  Sweep away:   Raw potato juice can remove all dirt, including bacteria and viruses, from cleaned all pipe systems and part of the body through defecation.

These three effects combined , the total amount of virus in the body will be greatly reduced, insist on drinking potato juice every day, the total amount of virus will remain in a small state or even disappear.  In this way, it will appear:

1.Can make the virus carrier does not have the symptom attack;

2. People with symptoms will remain in a mild state, not to severe transformation;

3. The clog in the lung of critically ill patients can be cleaned and swept away so that it remains unblocked and does not become difficult to breathe.

4.The disease will not relapse after treatment.

What therapeutic evidence is there to prove the efficacy of potato juice?

1.Cure cancer

About 30 years ago, people discovered that raw potato juice has a very magical effect on cancer. Many patients with lung, liver, pancreatic, prostate, stomach, and breast cancers, among others, persist in taking raw potato juice, and the cancer cells mysteriously disappear, or at least extend their life for more years. A patient with advanced lung cancer whose western doctor said 8 years ago that he could only live for 2 months, still live today by drinking raw potato juice every day. If you don’t believe, you can ask around, and some will tell you the true stories of how raw potato juice cured cancer around them. These stories show that raw potato juice has become increasingly popular in Japan, China and many other countries to cure cancer. And it is now spreading all over the world. Believe it or not, it’s already a reality.

2.Improve three high

In recent years, more and more people do not want to take western medicine to control the hormone, but want to use natural therapy to really improve the three high. However, people have tried many kind of natural products and still find that raw potato juice works best.

3.Lose weight

Many weight-loss products have been tried over the years, but anyone who tried potato juice to lose weight will find it to be the best.

Of course, in addition to above, raw potato juice is good for many other diseases including heart disease, kidney disease, stomach disease, liver disease, and even pain.

According to Dr. Guan’s years of practice and research, Dr. Guan once again stressed: why the daily ordinary food, potato is just change the way of eating, from cooked to drink raw juice, there is so much magic effect, because it mainly has the effect of cleaning and cleaning, unwanted material accumulation in the body, including the cancer cells, bacteria and viruses, excess hat, etc., all swept out, body relaxed and comfortable condition, diseases will disappear naturally.

The hope is that it will do for the virus what it did for cancer! 

Dr. Guan says his main goal in introducing the raw potato juice is to hope that it can play the same role in this fight against the virus as it did against cancer before. Dr. Guan says, as long as everyone drink it, the goal will be achieved.

The feasibility of everyone drinking it to fight the virus?

Dr. Guan says this is for sure because it has the following advantages:

1.It keeps the body in good condition, prevent the virus, and once infected, keep the mild illness from spreading to the severe attack;the healed will not relapse.

2.Cheap. Everyone and every family can afford it;

3.These fruits and vegetables are available in stores everywhere;

4.It is easy to make juice;

Basically no side effect. Note: Halve the dosage for children and the weak; potato allergy is prohibited; be care when pregnant.

Dr Guan is willing to answer anyone’s questions via email. The email address is: pingfei.guan@gmail.com.(end)

生马铃薯汁——冠状病毒的清道夫 (中文版)

美国康州华人中医师Pingfei Guan, 在中国武汉新冠状病毒肺炎爆发之初,于2月3日通过本报独家报道献出了青蒿和马鞭草祖传秘方, 以期用它来防治新冠状肺炎,引起了全球读者的强烈反响。

值得一提的是,2月18日, 中国国家卫健委发布的( 新型冠状病毒肺炎治疗方案 第6版和第7版),已经将青蒿和马鞭草纳入为治疗的重要药方。




1. 榨汁机


2. 一些蔬果




1.如果你仅仅想要预防病毒感染, 可只选用马铃薯单味榨汁。当然,如果你想增加营养、改善口味,可以加苹果、胡萝卜等,也可加你自己喜欢的蔬果;















1.用于预防。 成人每次小号咖啡杯一杯,小孩减半。一日二次;







1.杀灭 。 生马铃薯、洋葱、柠檬和苦瓜等,都有一定杀灭细菌和病毒的作用;

2.清洗。 生马铃薯汁对消化道、呼吸道、泌尿道和血液循环系统管道内的内壁及物质都有很强的清洗作用;

3.扫除。 生马铃薯汁对被清洗过的脏物,包括病菌和病毒,都有很强的扫除作用,通过大小便排出体外。


















1.它能保持身体始终在一个良好的状态。因此,它能预防病毒;一旦病毒侵袭后,不会转为重症;治愈后, 不会复发;





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